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Languages: English


License: Shareware

OS: Windows Vista,Windows XP

Total Download: 340

Size: 20.96MB

Latest version: 2010

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Object Desktop

Take your Windows XP or Windows Vista experience to the next level!
Publisher's Description:
This year marks the 10th anniversary since software developer, Stardock, started working on a Windows version of Object Desktop. Object Desktop is a program -- or more accurately a set of programs -- that are used by people to take total control over how their computer looks, feels, and functions. Taglines such as "Make Windows work the way you want it!" or "Take your OS to the next level" have been used over the years to describe what Object Desktop does. Object Desktop is part product, part service. That is, users buy Object Desktop and then receive a 1-year "subscription" to ObjectDesktop.NET in which they receive updates and new features to the components that make up Object Desktop. At the end of that year, users can renew their access to this service to continue to get new updates (at a heavily discounted price). Each year, Stardock sets a date for creating a new "Master" CD/DVD of the suite and calls it "Object Desktop ". But for users who purchase it electronically, the year names are irrelevant since historically, a user who purchases Object Desktop just gets the Stardock Central download manager and downloads the pieces they want to use. Object Desktop 2008, however, will be different. Big Changes The first big change is that Object Desktop will be getting a big brother -- Object Desktop Ultimate edition. When this comes into being, all users with active Object Desktop accounts will be automatically upgraded to Object Desktop Ultimate for free. As a result, there will be two editions of Object Desktop -- Object Desktop and Object Desktop Ultimate. The second big changes is that Object Desktop will be a much more integrated product. Instead of users downloading Stardock Central and then installing the various programs willy nilly, users will instead download Object Desktop 2008 which will have the core parts of Object Desktop and include Stardock Central to allow for updating. Trial version expires after 30 days.
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